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General FAQ's

Who is Migi Nail Art Fundraising?

Migi Nail Art Fundraising is a family owned and operated business. We have grown over the years to become one of the most innovative and respected direct selling companies in the country. Our full-time sales support staff is dedicated to providing unsurpassed personalized service while helping groups reach or exceed their fundraising goals.

Can Migi Nail Art Fundraising help any group with their fundraising needs?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to help make your fundraising program a big success. Migi Nail Art Fundraising takes a great deal of pride in helping groups raise the money they need. Contact us for creative and innovative ideas to make your event a huge success.

What is product fundraising?

Product fundraising is one of the most preferred ways non-profit organizations choose to raise money. Non-profit groups use our products to sell to friends and family, and in return keep a portion of the proceeds.

What does my fundraiser need to be successful?

An enthusiastic volunteer sales force, outstanding products, and superb coordination, from order taking to product delivery. We also provide all fundraising programs with a complete Fundraising Guidebook which provides you with complete step-by-step instructions to help ensure that your fundraiser runs smoothly throughout.

How much time should I give my sellers to fundraise?

Most fundraising groups sell for two weeks. Be sure to include at least two weekends in the selling time.

What about door-to-door selling?

Many people confuse product fundraising with 'door-to-door sales'. Migi Nail Art Fundraising does not encourage door-to-door selling. In reality, most fundraising sales are made to parents, family members, friends, co-workers as well as online. The sellers will be instructed to sell to parents, relatives, friends, and parents can take the fundraising brochures to work.

Who can I call if I have questions?

If at anytime you have questions, please contact your personal representative or our live support staff directly at 888-864-9627 (8:30 a.m. EST - 4:30 p.m. EST) or email us at fundraising@selectmarketing.us. We're here to make your fundraising experience easier and we'll be by your side throughout the entire process.

Do you require a minimum school fundraising order?

You must order a minimum of 25 kits.

Do we have to sign a school fundraising contract?

Before we can ship you your school fundraising supplies you will need to sign a program fundraising agreement that obligates us to help you make your fundraiser a success.

Financial FAQ's

What percent of sales will my group receive?

The amount of profit an organization receives will depend on the volume of product sold. Profit typically begins at 40% and increases to 50%. You will keep $8.00 to $10.00 per sale!

Do I have to pay for any school fundraising materials?

Not normally, however, your group may opt to purchase additional demo pens at a minimal cost if you feel that you require more than the standard alotment determined by the size of your group.

Do I collect money at the time the order is made or upon delivery?

Pre-pay is when your sellers take fundraising orders and receive payment at the same time. These funds are then initially secured by the fundraising committee. Post-pay is when your team take orders but don't collect money until after your fundraising delivery. Most organizations now find it easier to collect the money up front at the time the sale is made as opposed to waiting until the product is delivered to the customer.

What do I do once all orders and money have been collected?

Your personal representative will work with you to enter your order at the end of your event. You will need to make sure that you have a copy of each student's order form for your records to ensure the proper distribution of products.

When and how should I remit payment?

Payment is due at the end of your event and must be credited prior to the shipping of your products. Your representative will assist you. Easiest ways to pay are by Credit Card, U.S. Postal Money Order, or by Bank Wire Transfer.

Do you require any money up front?

Generally payment is due at the end of your event prior to the shipping of your product.

What about sales tax?

Some states do require the collection of sales tax when conducting school fundraisers. If your state does require the collection and payment of sales tax your sales team will also collect that money as orders are taken and your group will be responsible for making sure that your state receives their payment according to state law. This would be the case with any fundraising company.

Shipping FAQ's

When will I receive my school fundraising merchandise?

Within a few days of your groups payment being processed. We ship all orders via UPS and a tracking # will be provided on your invoice.

What do I do when my merchandise arrives?

If your school fundraising merchandise arrives on one of our company trucks we will help you bring your seller's boxes inside your facility. On the other hand, if your order arrives via common carrier, check the shipment closely before signing the bill of lading. Make sure there are no damaged boxes, and that you have the correct number of pallets/boxes. If any problems are seen, notate those problems on the bill of lading before signing. Never blindly sign for any product without checking it first. If your fundraising order is arriving UPS ground, let your office staff know of the pending shipment and to notify you upon delivery. You will be notified by email at the time your product is shipped and have a scheduled delivery date.

How can I make merchandise distribution easier?

Distribution of product is very easy, just take each individual salespersons order form and issue them the appropriate number of each color set.

Where Should Merchandise be Distributed?

Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large centralized areas make excellent distribution locations for your fundraising merchandise.

When Should Merchandise be Distributed?

Begin distribution of fundraising orders the day of or the day after they arrive. Set a specific date and time for parents to pick up orders. Make sure notices are sent home with date and times of distribution. Also, if your school district has a voicemail system that allows for automatic messages to be sent out to your parents, arrange to have the principal record a voicemail reminder. Make sure that you mention the day and time of the pickup.

What if product arrives damaged, missing or is not wanted?

Migi Nail Art Fundraising will happily replace any missing or damaged school fundraising merchandise. Should an item not meet the expectations of a seller, we will immediately credit you the amount that was billed on your invoice. Migi Nail Art Fundraising has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy!

Does Merchandise Have to be Delivered to the School or Organizations address?

The delivery can be made to the location of your choosing.

Prizes FAQ's

Do you offer prize programs for those who sell?

We can work with you to create a fun and rewarding prize program at your request. We do offer two "Prize" programs. Top sellers receive a free kit and organizations receive incentives too!

Merchandise FAQ's

Why is product fundraising effective?

Migi Nail Art product fundraising is so effective because the sellers have a genuine love and excitement for the product. There is also the interactive social media connection (Facebook, YouTube, etc) and the free instructional videos and contests as well. Your group will be offering a great fun quality product with real lasting value and a free refill and free replacement program that's unmatched in the industry.

What types of fundraising products do you offer?

We proudly offer the one and only Migi Nail Art - Designer Nail Art Pens! More products are currently under review.

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