What is Migi Nail Art?

Migi Nail Art is a revolutionary designer nail art and crafting pen with a patented art tip allowing you to brush on a base color and then create amazing works of art not only on the nails, but on any hard clean surface.

Migi Nail Art comes in 4 salon color sets. Gold shimmer, silver matte, white neon and black pastels. Each set contains 8 colors, 1 design/ instruction booklet, 4 twist and join rings, and 1 cleaning pen.

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High Earning Percentage

Migi Nail Art sets are sold at shows and online for $25/set plus shipping. Your group will be able to sell them at the low price of only $20/set to your customers.

Out of that $20.00 your group keeps a whopping 50% or $10.00 per set sold (based on volume)! Many of your customers will be anxious to purchase multiple sets or the entire collection. So, you can see that the potential for a successful fundraiser is right here in your hands.

Get Started Fast

Select Marketing makes it so easy to get started quickly. In just a few clicks you can be ordering product to sell via our direct sales platform, or be in touch with a rep to implement our brochure fundraising method. Either way it’s quick, fast, and available in a hurry if you need it!

Migi Nail Art is such a fun Product!

The customer is only limited by their imagination. With a large following on YouTube and Facebook, and all the free instructional videos and online contests, there is no end to the fun.

Migi Nail Art Fundraisers are simple.

We believe keeping it simple is a huge plus. Offering a specific product with four different color sets keeps it just that, simple. The great thing is so many people want to buy the Entire collection so, it’s not only simple, but has the potential for high earning as well!

Migi Nail Art is Unique

Many folks are simply tired of the same old fundraising products and want something new to offer. Migi Nail Art Design and Crafting Pens are that product. No more cookie dough, overpriced pop-corn or wrapping paper. Migi Nail Art is unique, fun, time-tested and profitable!

Value to the customer

Migi Nail Art also offers your customers real value that your team will have fun selling! Not only does Migi offer free online instruction, but your customer gets FREE REFILLS AND FREE REPLACEMENTS too! That’s right, once they are a customer all they ever pay is the shipping/processing fee from now on, the nail poish is always free! Now that is great value!

Clubs that could benefit from Migi Nail Art Fundraising:

  • ‘Club’ Groups, i.e. Club Volleyball, Club Cheer, etc.
  • Pop Warner Cheerleaders
  • Local Gyms (both cheer and gymnastics)
  • Middle & High School girl’s groups (Cheer, Dance, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Thespians, Band, Flag Line, many more! )
  • Elementary Schools via PTA
  • Preschools
  • Private Schools
  • Daycares
  • Church Groups
  • Churches with schools inside them
  • Booster Clubs
  • College Groups
  • Homeschool Groups etc.

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Thanks for choosing Migi Nail Art.

Migi Nail Art
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