Reward System Examples:

  1. For every $100 your organization spends with Migi Nail Art, we will donate 1x Free “Glam and Glitter” kit (MSRP is $14.99) that is required to be rewarded to each sales person who sells 10 kits.
  2. For every campaign Migi Nail Art will donate 1x Free Migi Nail Art kit (MSRP is $24.99) to the top sales person. The organization must notify us AFTER the fundraising event and WE will mail the kit to them along with a certificate of appreciation.
  3. Sometimes we have people and businesses that want to donate prizes to various groups that are doing fundraising projects. We will always try to find donated prizes to pass along to your group to help you get the most from your fundraising efforts. Your group should also approach local people and businesses that often have, included in their budgets, moneys and products specifically for this purpose.
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