" My Name is Celena Zarate and I just have to say that Migi Nail Art is the Bomb I didnt think that i would use them as much as i do and my 1 1/2 year old Daughter is in love with these she wants me to do her nails everyday. they are the best. "

Celena Zarate - Mesa, AZ

" I LOVE them! Before i got migi nail art i rarely ever did my nails. Now i have a different design on every week! "

Deanna Marlowe - Franklin County, VA

" This is totally the most fun product. My 8 year old grand daughter has more fun doing her nails and toes with grandma. We can spend hours doing nail art. "

June Salisbury - Washington, UT

" Migi Nail Art is not very well known here in Maine so when anyone sees mine they fall in love with them. I bought them for myself but I spend most of my time doing other peoples nails! They are great fun and everyone thinks they are amazing. "

Allie Owen - N. Waterboro, ME

" I worked at the International Quilt show in Chicago last month, I went to your booth several times each day to watch your reps decorate everyones nails, your nail polish was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I bought one set of polish everyday that I worked. Since then, we've had so much fun decorating everything in the house. "

Dawn Davis - Chicago, IL

" i love migi nail art. my mom bought it for me at the fair, as a bribe to get me to stop biting my nails. i like my nails long, and migi nail art helps me jazz them up. my nails sparkle, dazzle, and delight all my friends. when they come over, they beg me to do a design for them. thank you migi nail art =] "

Amanda - Lancaster, NY

" I am the mom of one of your new users and she just loves having her own set of colors and the freedom to design them any way she wants. She had to agree to use her own savings for this "luxury" and I too was impressed by the initial cost, the free refill guarantee and the quality of the product. I'm sure she'll have them for a long time and have wonderful memories of her teen age nail colors. "

Jean Alves - Uxbridge, MA

" My cousin got the Gold collection set for Christmas and I wanted to take it from her! She did my nails and the polish NEVER chipped off and the art stayed on my nails until I took it off with remover. I begged my Aunt to get me a set for my birthday and I am loving it! Thanks for making a high quality product that I know I will enjoy for a long time. The free refills are a added bonus too! "

Gwen B. - Auburn, WA

" I purchased the nail art at of all places the Quilt show. I actually bought them for my daughters but after trying it I was hooked. The guy who showed us it at the show did a great job showing how easy it is. I would tell anyone how great they are! I am not artistic but this I can do. Great Great Great!!!! They are so much fun! "

Kim Kopac - Hartland, WI

" miga nail art pens are awsome I have done a watermelon on my finger nail keep up the good work thank you! "

Laura Pickering - Whitby, Ontario, Canada

" At Shady Lawn Health Care Community we have a "Buff and Polish" weekly. It is standing room only as residents wait to have their nails 'designed'! MigiNail art is a big hit! "

Beth Borham - Dalton, OH

" I absolutely LOVE the Migi Nail Art pens!!! They let my imagination run wild, and i can do any designs I feel like. They are also extremely easy to use, and with only a small amount of practice, I was able to do some complicated designs. "

Nikki - Mesa, AZ

" I love these things they are so cool :) My friends say they want theme so badly. "

Tricia - Providence, RI

" I love Migi nail art pens! I have everyone begging me to paint their nails cute all the time! Thanks for the awesome pens! They are such a great price too! "

Jeni - Spanish Fork, UT

" I love them. they are heaps of fun. my nails are now fun and colourful!! yay "

Ellie - Sydney, Australia

" This are the best i have ever used. The point is so small you can really do the degins you like no matter how small. Love them lots. "

Rebecca LaRocque - Gilbert, AZ

" Migi Nail Art pens are the absolute BEST nail devices I've ever used. I have soo much fun doing lots of different looks with them and I'm so glad I purchased them. They're awesome! "

Kim - West Olive, MI

" What fun, my kit has provided me with comments from everyone who sees my pink nails with white poka dots on all the nails. And when I tell them I did it myself they are amazed. But I don't tell them how easy it was to do. I am right handed so making dots with my left hand was a bit of a challenge but by the 2nd time I made my dots it was easy as pie. I am going to have a nail party and decorate my friends nails for fun. I just love my kit. "

Ann Moskal - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

" i love migi nail art!!!! it is the coolest thing ever i use them all the time i never have my nails plain any more my nails are always done up with migi nail art i dont think i could ever go without them!!! i just cant say enough how much i LOVE them!!!!!!!! im very happy that someone came up with them! very very great idea!! "

April Mason - Exeter, Ontario, Canada

" I loved them My Friends Mom wears Fake nails and uses mine nail polish all the time I told her where to get them and shes going soon I have lots of friends who love them But my sister loves it when we have a girls night and paint each others nails she loves her lady bugs:). "

Madi Minot - ND

" Works PERFECTLY! The tip is smooth, the needle is excellent. Can not say anything bad about this product. "

Nicole - Flushing, NY

" the migi nail art set is awesome and totally kool ! I used to go to the parlour for nail art but now i can do it myself ! its the best "

Bangkok, Thailand

" I bought one of your color sets as a gift for my daughter. She just loves it. Now i have to get some for my sons girlfriend also; its going to be a colorful Christmas! "

Jim Janowich - North Royalton, OH

" I helped run a youth centre, and I spent my whole evening doing teenagers, nails. I was able to use your how-to-guide to help create some magnificant nail collections, being creative all on my own and doing some funky deisgns with the ball point tip applicator. Nothing but praise, smiles and laughs all evening long. Thanks Migi Nail Art for amazing colours and selection (an amazing product) with a great refill program that will allow me, and others to create nail masterpieces forever! "

Niki Serafin - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

" Migi Nail Art is the best thing that happened to my nails! Now i never have to go to the nail salon with my friends. They just come here:) My friend love it ,they all went to bye the nail art when i told theme and all got a different color.We have so much fun."

Patricia Kinnane - Tiverton, RI

" The Migi Nail Art sets have great colors. I have the neon set and a few other colors that a friend gave me. The colors go on pretty smooth so you dont have to put on a million layers. The only part I dont like, is I have a gold sparkles tube and it gets stopped up really easy. "

Tricia C. - Denton, MD

" i love this. i'm using it all times on my nails i so great! it's sooooooooooooooooo nice. it's a great idea 2 make a brush and a nail art pen in same time;-) I'm just love it sooo sooo much Thank you guys 2 make this nail thing."

Karoline Lykke Kristensen - Silkeborg, Denmark

" They are fun to use. I get my son to do the art work, he's fantastic and has great ideas."

Laura - Ontario, Canada

" I purchased a set of nail colors at the Sewing Expo in Tampa in Feb. 2010. My daughter and I did our nails at the lunch table so we ended up with 20 designs. We went back to your booth and showed them off. All my 4th graders at school love the designs too! "

Marcia Weber - Watkinsville, GA

" I have had my set for about 3 years. I have never been disappointed in them. I do all kind of designs on my granddaughter's nails. Her friends are always amazed that her grandma can design her nails. I am a quilter, and I have my name or initials on all my rulers, scissors, and quilting supplies using the migi nail tips. I also have 3 grandboys, and when I give them toys, I always put their initial on their toy with the migi nail tip. I was disappointed that you'll did't have a booth at the Florida State Fair this year.. I was going to purchase some more kits. I'll just have to order on-line. I have really enjoyed the Migi Nail Art Kit. "

Sharon Smith - Thomasville, GA

" I love Migi Nail Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do my friends nails all the time and love to create new designs every day! I love to make white flowers on black nail polish. I love the compliments that I get and I am always getting asked where I get my nails done. I love the fact that Migi Nail Art is always soooo much cheeper then getting my nails done at a salon and I don't feel bad when I take the nail polish off the next day."

Brenna - Denton, MD

" I love these pens!! All of my girlfriends are so jealous that I can do such cute designs at home while they have to go out and spend $20 on a manicure! "

Kelly George - Derwood, MD

" I bought this product for my daughter and she loves it. It wasn't until I applied the product on my doughter's nails, I couldn't believe my eyes. The colours are so vibrient and made with a high quality ingriendent. It drys instantly and you only need one coat of colour for each nail. Using the pen to do art is very easy. I couldn't believe I could actualy draw on my daughters nails. I am truly amazed with this product & love it. "

Fiona - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

" This is so easy to use - why spend so much money going to get nails designs when u can do it ur self - saves time and money............ love this product. "

Nin Nagra - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

" I LOVE these little guys! There perfect for the small details that you want for your designs. When I first saw them at a show I was so amazed that I just had to buy them. My step-daughter loves them too. Anything that she wants she can have drawn on her fingernails! Keep the colors comming!!! "

Rachel G. - Willoughby, OH

" I have had so much fun with my migi nail art pens as soon as i got them 2 day i started making wacky designs they are so much fun. "

Clair - Knoxville, TN

" i love this i tried one and when i got to school everybody loved it and was asking me where i got my nails done and i said i did them myself they were all like wow and oh my god :) "

Katrina - Ontario, Canada

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