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Attention Canadian customers.
Use this website for Registration and Product Information purposes only. Refills can ONLY be filled by calling our Canadian Distributor at 1-800-361-8723. You can also purchase Product from our Canadian distributor by calling them at 1-800-361-8723.

Attention Australian customers.
Use this website for Registration and Product Information purposes only. Please purchase Product and get Refills through the Australian website or call them directly at 1300-132-927.


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2 FREE* Refills

This offer is available on this website to US customers only. Canadian customers can purchase Migi products from Select Marketing Canada. Australian customers can purchase Migi products from MigiNailArt Australia.

As a registered customer you are entitled to receive two free* refills at a time. All you do is pay $3.99** for the shipping and processing of the order. Choose any two free* colors you like, whether you need more of your favorite color or just want to try something new. Select the two colors you would like below and hit submit and you will be taken to a secure page to complete your payment and order.

IMPORTANT: Upon completing your order, please enter "1" in the quantity box. This refers to the order of 2 colors, not the number of colors you will receive. Thank you.

If you haven't registered with our program yet, please do so by clicking here.

Please note: Colors may not be exactly as shown. Accuracy of colors is dependant on viewer's computer monitor, so some color variations may result.

* You receive two free refills per visit when you pay just $3.99** for shipping and processing. ** shipping cost subject to change without notice.

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